Build incredible 2D & 3D Game With Us

We are a small game company based in Cameroon that make games for children and teenagers with a focus on African culture design, we publish games for Nintendo, pc, mobile.

 VR experience

Become a Game Artist

Animation Principe

you will create amazing animation that make your character coming alive by following the important principe of animation.

Create 2D/3D assets

create and conceptualise you drawing into 2d/3d assets , that you can shares, sell or import to your game.

Particule and physics concept

undestand the fundamental concept of physics in game and how you can create effect with particule system.

Want to become a Game developer?

The game developer is the one who writing the code to turn the designer concept into a playable game, programming artificial intelligence for non-player characters within the game.

Hollow knight
Hollow Knight a game made by Team cherry australia