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Welcome to Legrowtech, your IT partner dedicated to business growth. Our goal is to propel your business to new heights with a focus on software solutions, cloud migration and SaaS.

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intuitive online store with seamless payment integration

Enterprise application

reach your business goal with a high efficient software

Cloud computing

reliable and cost-effective solution to deploy your applications

Transforming your business operations for online sucess.

Building a strong online presence is crucial, this requires having tools that complements the company services and products.

Digital Presence

Engaging Content

User-Centric Design

Data-Driven Strategies

Why Legrowtech?

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Stack of skilled developers

Whether you need software development services or to improve your system, we have the engineering talent in place across a wide variety of technical stacks and services to meet your organization's needs.

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Softwares ready to be integrate

If you have any concerns about how long your project would take, we have pre-built apps waiting to be deployed or integrated into your system, all you need to do is provide your data and we'll take care of the rest.

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Cost-effective web development solutions

If you're looking for a way to have a great software development service without wasting your money, we provide cost-effective solutions that fit your budget, giving you a solution that meets your needs.

Our software solution everywhere

  • Manufacturing

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    With new technology, it is possible to lessen mistakes and errors. In effect, it can lessen the number of products returned to your company. It also makes the customers happy, improving the overall reputation of the company.

  • Finance

  • finance


    Customer data has always been a central decision-making factor for financial institutions, we automate manualprocesses that are currently very resource intensive.

  • Gaming

  • gaming

    Passionate about create game?

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  • Entertainment

  • entertainment

    Passionate about video production?

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  • Onlie Store

  • store


    Speed, agility and efficiency are expected of today’s retail businesses.To achieve this, retailers should invest in an electronic inventory control system,a central database, a point of sales system and an automated statistical forecasting system.

About Us

Legrowtech is a software development company that supports you in the digital transformation of your projects. Our areas are web development, mobile development, network administration, systems administration, databases, cloud services etc.

Our mission is to provide accessible web & app development, and marketing solutions for every business. By offering an excellent work-life culture in the industry, we help our employees and clients grow together.

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